Branding & Packaging design

Popitas is a new snack brand based in Costa Rica. In this case, Popitas wants to do the Logotype and the packaging design.
Based on the brand’s name -POP-itas, we based our design on the Pop Art style: inspiration on the comic’s graphic language, saturated colors, handmade lettering and very simplified illustrations made with an outlined.
On each flavor, we use a chromatic range that represents it, we make illustrations of the main ingredient that accompanies the product, and we create a geometric pattern for the “fried chips” packaging. In addition, we create a unique lettering for each flavor, and we accompany it with a taste adjective, which encourages the consumer to taste the product.
We create a very different design from what is already on the market and this will not only attracts the attention of children for their drawings, but also captures the gaze of the more adults who can remember their teenage years surrounding by comics.

Client: Alimentos Cook