Mepiachi Oquendo Capsules

Packaging design

This time for the new release of Cafés Oquendo flavor capsules.
For this design, we play with 3 main elements:
An espresso coffee cup with the final product as a main element, distinctive and common to all products, to attract the consumer attention.
A line illustration of the characteristic flavor element of each capsule, using the technique of chalk to give a touch of quality to the final package: hazelnut, wild berries, cinnamon or vanilla.
A saturated color bottom part that makes reference to each flavor element (ex: purple for wild berries fruits), which identifies the flavor and stands out against the black background, making it easier to differentiate each product
In addition, we use a brush script typography that combines with the illustrations, and a sans serif typeface that contrasts with it and gives the whole packaging a touch of modernity.
Thus, we generate a serious composition, according to the type of product there is inside de packaging and a touch of bright color that shows the different varieties and encourages the consumer to taste all the flavors.

Client: Oquendo