FEM Beers

Packaging y Branding

Fem is a beer brand, this design was inspired by great women of history.
Coco Channel, Frida Kahlo, Jane Goodall, Mireia Belmonte, Malala Yousafzai and Cleopatra VII are 6 great women who, for one or another reason, are part of our history and who fought against the tide in a world made for men, becoming great references in their area. Inspiration and aspiration for future generations, since each one in its own way has managed to sow a small seed in order to make this world a more egalitarian, just and free world.
Each of the 6 designs has as main element a original lettering inspired by the their own history. All of the labels have as common elements a golden banner that provides continuity to the entire range. The bottles are screen printed labels in order to integrate better the graphics into the packaging, while for the cans a very saturated color range has been used for the background, which gives vitality and makes the lettering stand out over it and giving volume to the container.
A collection of beers with great character, vitality, strength and elegance as well as its protagonists.

Client: FEM