Dersia Cosmetics

Branding & Packaging design

Cream Packaging design for Dersia, a certified natural cosmetics brand from Asturias.
These creams made from microalgae, take advantage of all their properties to make you feel the sea in your own skin. In addition, it is a bio and vegan product, not tested on animals and with high care in its production.
That is why, with the design which was made from the Studio, we want to convey the honesty of the product using as few elements as possible. As the only distinctive graphic element we use organic lines that simulate the sea waves, thus connecting the container with its origin in a single glance.
For this design, we use a sans-serif typeface giving it a touch of elegance and seriousness and a slab typography that identifies the product with the pharmaceutical industry. In addition, for each product we use only one ink, all of them within the marine chromatic range: blue, mauve and green.
A minimalist and elegant design that gives the consumer enough confidence to try this product with high properties for our skin.

Client: Neoalgae